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Value-Added Services


ConferView is the world's largest private network of videoconferencing locations. Through this network, we can arrange a meeting between you and our candidates without the hassle and expense of travel. Your videoconferences can be videotaped for later viewing of critical interviews.


SelecSys is the most advanced personality and performance management technology available today. SelecSys generates accurate, insightful, and easy-to-understand reports that have immediate practical value in any business environment. Expert consultants, trainers, psychologists, and legal counsel support SelecSys. We offer our clients access to SelecSys for job profiling, candidate evaluations, and candidate-to-job matching reports.

Relocation Services

Our relocation services provide value-added resources that minimize problems associated with relocations. We offer useful services such as cost of living analyses, home finding assistance, mortgage services, tax hotlines and transition programs. These services strengthen our ability to attract top candidates and ultimately make the candidate's decision easier and lower the client's expenses. 

Global Human Resources

GHR provides worldwide search, recruitment and staffing services through the Humana International Group.  The Humana network provides access to search and recruitment professionals in nearly 1000 worldwide offices on six continents.

Founded in 1992 by Doug Bugie, Humana now operates 80 franchised offices in the United Kingdom and 45 offices in Germany and 15 offices scattered throughout Europe and Asia.

Humana doubled its placements in 1998 to 2,000 people in a variety of industries. System-wide revenue totaled approximately US$ 32 million in 1998. Having recently won the Franchisor of the Year award in the U.K., Humana plans to open an additional 50 offices globally, 20 in the U.K. and 30 elsewhere around the world.  Humana operates in every major industry, serving multi-national companies on a global basis. Humana search and recruitment specialists, most with experience in the sectors they serve, have earned their reputations as highly specialized experts.

Salience- Professional Sales Channel Outsourcing

Salience has developed an outsourcing business model that is currently unsurpassed in the sales outsourcing industry. Salience has built hundreds of sales campaigns over its seven-year history and currently manages more than 40 unique sales forces. Through Salience, we are able to bring you top-level sales outsourcing capability.