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Weekend Getaway Referral Reward Program


The Referral Program is available to everyone!

Multiple Rewards can be earned by the same person.

Reward Program Rules

Our goal is to reward our Candidates for taking the time to refer qualified people to us.  Thanks for your participation.

Referral must be for one of the following:

        A candidate referral whereby you submit a candidate to The Hansen Group for a specific position we currently have on our Job Board.

        A candidate you refer to us who does not specifically fit any current openings but you feel we might place them in the future.  This type of referral is valid for 12 months from the date of submittal.  No reward will be due for this type of submittal after 12 months has elapsed from the date of referral.

Candidate must be submitted by email, addressed to

Each referral must contain:

        First and last name of referral

        Title of referral

        Company currently employing this referral

        Office and/or home phone number of referral

        Email address of referral

Definition of a Qualified Referral: 

        A candidate who has not already been submitted for the same current Search Assignment.

        If the Candidate is already in our database but has not been:

1)       Submitted by another party for the same specific search;

2)       Has already been called by one of our recruiters for this specific search.


The Hansen Group will acknowledge each referral within 3 days of receipt of email (add extra days for holidays). You will be notified that the referral is valid or invalid.

YOU WIN The Grand Weekend Getaway if:

        Your referral is placed for the Search for which you submitted the referral.

        You referral stays at the position for 90 days.

        You claim your prize within one year of being notified of your winner status.

Getaway Weekend Reward FAQ's

Can I win more than one time?

Yes, you can win as many times as you can make referrals for successful placements.

When can I use my Reward?

As soon as the referral has been with their new position for which you referred them for at least 90 days, redeemable for the following 12 months.

Where can I go for my Weekend Getaway?

At any of the resorts listed at the Marriott Directory.

Does the Reward Include Travel?

No, it does not include any travel expenses.

Can I use this and extend for a longer vacation?

Yes, of course you can.

What about meals?

Breakfast is included with the Grande Weekend Getaway package.