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Benefits of a Job in Executive Search with

The Hansen Group

  • Business-to-Business service product

  • Intellectually stimulating and gratifying work

  • No travel, very little outside sales, makes maximum use of your selling time

  • No income ceiling, your territory can never be cut

  • No limitations of geography or industry; go where the action is

  • Manufacture your own product; whatever is in demand, you can produce

  • Faster track to big money commissions than any other industry

Why work for the Hansen Group?

EXPERIENCE  - Over 21 years of combined recruiting industry experience.  This provides a knowledge base to mentor with, become peers with, and provides a much quicker learning curve.

RECOGNITION - Recognized and awarded as one of the fastest growing senior level executive search firms in the country.  An advantage in name recognition and the comfort of success.  Our office has grown 25% per year over the past 3 years, and is the largest metals recruiting office in North America.

DIVERSIFIED PRACTICES - Allows you to extract multiple skill sets for expediting your client searches and find expertise in various industries for your future clients.

COMPANY CULTURE - Allows a person to expand their own professional creativity, and their own business control in a supported entrepreneurial environment. Competitive, but with peer support.  We pay for professional memberships, associations, and trade shows.  With a mix of contests and annual group meetings, our firm works hard as a team, but is strong on family values and a balanced life

INCOME - No ceiling.  The average office compensation for an account executive with over 3 years of experience is over $131,000.

TRAINING - Integrated, ongoing, and professional.  Utilizing the corporation’s recruiting experts, there is a blend of visual, auditory, written, and live practical resourceful training to properly prepare you for a highly sought after and paid search consultant.

TECHNOLOGY - While utilizing state-of-the-art internet, database, telephony, in-house video conferencing, and contact management, our firm has developed a comprehensive program that is now being used by the world’s largest executive search firm for their own use and development.  We are nationally known for our forward technology direction

CAREER - A well-defined career path that allows an associate to grow into a team management role, if desired, up to managing partner.  Our program also creates an opportunity for an individual to increase their potential income without a management function.